Location of the Workshop


The Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University is located in Barbados, one of the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. Bellairs is about 30 minutes by shuttle from the airport. Bellairs can house max. 40 people in double rooms. The price per person is very low (subject to change): for students $28 - $35 / night, for professors $34 - $50 / night, depending on if you choose a room with a private bathroom or not. The room prices are really low (especially considering that Barbados is in general quite expensive), but of course this also means that you should not expect 5 star quality! There is a shared kitchen available for the guests, and there is a cooking crew that comes in to prepare breakfast / dinner for the guests ($8-$10 for breakfast, $25-$27.50 for dinner).

There are two air-conditioned meeting/presentation rooms, there are several outside areas with blackboards, and of course there are many calm places on the beach where discussions can take place. There is a wireless network (shared by all guests) that provides Internet access, but the speed is not impressive. But of course it is enough to check your email and keep in touch with the rest of the world with Skype. A flat usage fee is charged.


Basically the idea of the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University is similar to a seminar at Dagstuhl: provide everything necessary for researchers to spend an intense week working on an inspiring research topic in "isolation".

During the week, we are sharing the facilities with another research group, so for us there is space for max. 20 participants for our workshop, provided that rooms are shared. If you really don't like that idea of sharing, then let the organizers know. Maybe we have enough space to allow you to stay in the room on your own, but in this case you must pay double the price for the room. Also, there is a hotel that is not too far from the Bellairs Research Institute (20-minute walk, 3 minutes cab ride) that offers a special rate to Bellairs workshop participants (about $100 per night per double room).


Getting to Bellairs

The official Bellairs contact information is:

Bellairs Research Institute
Folkestone (Holetown), St. James Parish, BB24017, Barbados
Tel.: +1 (246) 422-2087 (main office)
Tel.: +1 (246) 422-2034 (dining hall)
Fax: +1 (246) 422-0692
Accommodations: enquiries@bellairs-mcgill.org
Other enquiries: admin@bellairs-mcgill.org
Director: Susan Mahon

The Barbados airport is located in the south of the island. Bellairs is located on the north side of Holetown. To get to Bellairs from the airport, you can:

A detailed map shows where exactly the Bellairs Research Institute is located. When you arrive at Bellairs, just go straight to the office. There, you will be greeted by the helpful Bellairs staff telling you which is your room. If you arrive outside office hours, someone else will be there to greet you and we will let you know how to get in touch with them upon arrival.

Other Practical Information